Microbiology is the study of microscopic organisms. These organisms include living things that are made up of no cells at all, a single cell, or a small cluster of cells. If you are overwhelmed by cells already, don’t fret. There is a book on this subject that is a huge help to anyone who needs a basic introduction to microbiology. This book is called Microbiology: An Introduction with MyMicrobiologyPlace Website. Amazon considers it to be the 18th best-selling textbook currently on the college textbook market.

Representing the 10th edition in the series, this 960-page hardcover textbook was released to the public on January 9, 2009. Its publisher is Benjamin Cummings, which is known for publishing popular science textbooks. This book serves as an introduction to microbiology and is generally used by non-majors who are not specifically studying science. It takes a very straightforward approach and clearly translates some of the more complex concepts into short and easy-to-follow pieces of text. Regardless of your reading or academic level, this book will meet your needs.

The book contains vibrant visualizations called “Foundation Figures.” The “Check Your Understanding” sections pose questions that help you assess your understanding of the material. The “Learning Objectives” guide you in what parts of the book to zone in on. The “Diseases in Focus” boxes offer compelling content to readers. The end-of-chapter “Study Outlines” provide readers with a basic outline of what each chapter is about along with the “Draw It” questions.  This particular book emphasizes antimicrobial resistance, bioterrorism, and biofilms, which previous editions did not touch on quite as much.

The original package of the book includes two supplements. The “Get Ready for Microbiology” workbook provides students with plenty of practice questions and material to help them understand the textbook. There is also an online access code that leads to a website containing practice and assessment materials.

The book has three authors – by Gerard J. Tortora, Berdell R. Funke, and Christine L. Case. Tortora is a professor of biology who also teaches other science courses at Bergen Community College in New Jersey. Funke has spent many years as a professor of microbiology at North Dakota State University. Case is a microbiologist and has taught for over 30 years at Skyline College in California.

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