A brain scan (Photo by Jon Olav)

When you think about the field of abnormal psychology, there are probably lots of strange ideas running through your head. Abnormal psychology studies the unique and rare psychological conditions and issues that exist among human beings. From mental illness to other more subtle behaviors, abnormal psychology makes for a fascinating topic to explore. It’s generally studied among students enrolled in various psychology majors at institutions of higher education.

Because this subject delves into facets of the human brain that most of us aren’t even aware of, students must be armed with a textbook that can properly guide them through their classes. There is one such book that can do just that. Amazon ranks Abnormal Psychology as the No. 25 best-selling college textbook today. Released to the textbook market in January 2009, Abnormal Psychology is a 587-page hardcover book published by Worth Publishing. It is the seventh edition in this successful textbook series.

This book, as previous editions do as well, offers up-to-date information and research directly from the field of abnormal psychology. It provides extensive coverage of the most important and relevant theories, research studies and results, disorders, and possible along with proven treatments for these unique psychology disorders. This version is considered one of the most significant textbook revisions in this series because it captures how the world, the field of abnormal psychology, and college students in general have changed in recent years. It features over 2,000 new references from 2006-2009, hundreds of new photos, graphics, charts, tables, and figures. It also contains more coverage on multicultural issues, cognitive theories and treatments, as well as topics that involve neuroscience.

Ronald J. Comer is the author of Abnormal Psychology. Comer is a psychology professor at Princeton University. He has authored each book in the Abnormal Psychology series and has contributed to related works such as Case Studies in Abnormal Psychology (2001) and Fundamentals of Abnormal Psychology (2011). Comer is regarded as a longtime expert in this field, which is a huge plus for students using his works.

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