A judge’s gavel (Photo by Keith Burtis)

The last thing a business owner wants to be involved in is a legal mess. However, there are lots of legal implications that go into owning a business that are not exactly “messy.” They are important for business majors to know about in order to plan for the future.

Business Law: Text and Cases – Legal, Ethical, Global, and Corporate Environment is a great resource for information on business law. According to Amazon, this book is considered the 15th most-purchased college textbook on the market today.

Published in November 2010 by Cengage Learning, this hardcover textbook represents the 12th edition in this successful and long-running series of books. It is 1,392 pages in length. The book meshes classic “black letter law” with current coverage of issues and cases and how they affect the business law industry today. The text explains business law in a fashion that is accessible, interesting, and very relevant to readers of all ages and backgrounds. There are numerous cases laid out and clearly explained throughout the book. They have also been reviewed and fully updated, offering students the latest information on this subject. Landmark cases that have set a precedent, ethical cases, global cases, and corporate issues are all intertwined in the book. The critical thinking exercises encourage students to apply what they learn in the text to real-world situations in today’s society.

New features in the book include sections called “Shifting Legal Priorities,” a section on foreclosures and mortgages relating to the recent global recession, as well as expanded chapters that are more complete and easier to refer to when in a classroom setting. The supplemental features to the text are very helpful as well. These include several online learning resources that offer more insight into the topics throughout the book along with interactive features and quizzes to ensure students are prepared for the coursework involved in their classes.

The book has three authors – Kenneth W. Clarkson, Roger LeRoy Miller, and Frank B. Cross. Clarkson, the lead author, has written numerous books on a variety of business-related subjects over the last 40 years. His other works include Microeconomics in Action (1971) and Industrial Organization: Theory, Evidence, and Public Policy (1981).

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