The entire field of psychology opens up an entire realm of fascinating subtopics. Sometimes psychology instructors have a difficult time deciding where to begin in their introductory courses. Students often feel overwhelmed by the material at first. But luckily there is one textbook that can make all the difference for both instructors and students alike.

A psychological brain scan (Photo by Chris Hope)

According to Amazon, Exploring Psychology is the 19th best-selling college textbook available on the market today. The book was published by Worth Publishers and first hit the market on December 25, 2009. It is 581 pages long and is packed with so much useful information for psychology students.

The book, which is the eighth edition in the series, explores the “story of psychology” by involving readers in this “story.” The text primarily focuses on the core ideas of psychology, breakthrough research findings in recent studies, and the various applications to the lives of readers and the world in which we all live. It combines classic theories with cutting-edge research that is extremely relevant today.

The book contains hundreds of new research citations through the end of 2009, roughly 40% new photos, and several new additional media and supplemental materials that come with the book in its original packaging. The all-new “Test for Success: Critical Thinking Exercises” feature is perfect for students who want to make sure they understand the concepts in the textbook before embarking on their course assignments and exams.  Although the book includes new things, it remains unchanged from previous versions in the compelling, upbeat writing style of the author. It is written in a style that keeps the reader focused and makes the reader think about what he or she is reading.

Speaking of the author, his name is David G. Myers. He is the John Dirk Werkman Professor of Psychology at Hope College in Michigan. He has taught a large number of introductory courses in psychology. Myers has authored many articles for various scientific periodicals and journals, which include Science, American Scientist, and Psychological Science. He has also written and contributed to other books like Social Psychology (2009) and Psychology (2011).

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