The Elon campus (Photo by Anthony Crider)

Elon University, known as Elon College up until 2001, is a small private liberal arts institution of higher education in Elon, North Carolina. Founded in 1889, Elon currently has a student population of about 6,000 and employs over 300 academic staff members. The school’s official colors are maroon and gold, and the athletic teams are known as The Phoenix. Elon University students know the importance of shopping around for their textbooks and course supplies. Here are the best places to look for books:

Barnes & Noble at Elon University Bookstore is the primary textbook outlet at the university. It’s situated right on Haggard Avenue in the heart of campus. The store is open Monday through Saturday. It offers a number of different options to Elon students on books. Remember that when you shop here, you can rest assured that you are buying the correct versions of the books you need since the faculty members and professors at the school work directly with the staff here. Whether you want to buy your books new or used, rent your books, or download digital copies of them, all of the above can be done at this bookstore. The rental program is awesome because you can get the books, use them for a semester, and then get them out of your hair for the next semester’s materials. Renting can save you over 50% on books as well, which is a no-brainer. Digital downloads can save you over 60% off. But if you prefer having hard copies and buying them, quality new and used books are for sale at reasonable prices. Other merchandise on the shelves here includes Phoenix team gear and clothing, graduation supplies if you’re ready to walk across the stage to get your diploma, discounted computer hardware and software, and general books and school supplies.

Barnes & Noble also has a separate store in nearby Burlington at 3125 Waltham Boulevard. Located only about 10 minutes from campus, this Barnes & Noble location offers different items and a more varied inventory compared to the Elon campus bookstore. It’s open every single day and sells a variety of academic materials and some textbooks. But the great thing about this B&N store is that you can buy the Nook e-reader to use for reading your digital textbooks. You should also consider shopping on the Barnes & Noble website for a much larger selection of course materials.

Finally, try using to compare prices on every single textbook that’s on your booklist. You can compare prices on books for sale and books for rent to see what the best options are for you in terms of spending the least amount of money on the largest amount of textbooks possible.