Northwestern State University of Louisiana is a four-year institution of higher education based in Natchitoches, Louisiana. This public university first opened in 1894 and today has an annual student enrollment of just over 9,000. The school has a number of athletic teams known as the Demons, and Vic the Demon is the official school mascot who attends athletic events. Students at Northwestern State have the following options when it comes to purchasing their textbooks:

The university’s official outlet for textbooks on campus is simply called the Northwestern State University Bookstore. It is housed inside the Friedman Student Union Building. Simply plug in 350 Sam Sibley Drive to your GPS and you will arrive at the bookstore in no time. This store offers new textbooks, used textbooks for savings of up to 25% off, rentals for savings of up to 50% off, and e-textbooks that can save you up to 60% off. Find the option that best fits your needs. If you prefer going digital, consider the e-books. If you prefer hard copies, go with the used or rentals to save you cash. Other items for sale here include discounted technology products, graduation supplies if you’re planning to graduate soon, Demons team gear and clothing, and school supplies to make sure you’re ready for your classes. This bookstore is open Monday through Friday.

Natchitoches, LA, home of Northwestern State University (Photo by Kimberly Vardeman)

Campus Corner is an awesome off-campus textbook store located in the heart of Natchitoches at 912 University Parkway. It’s just a short drive from the Northwestern State University campus. At Campus Corner, you will find a wide selection of reasonably priced textbooks, school supplies, and general books or novels for your reading pleasure. Campus Corner strives to offer cheaper prices on all of its books. You can either buy or rent your books from Campus Corner. Plus you can get some money for your used books by selling them to the store. Books are available for purchase online. Along with textbooks, lots of Demons gear and clothing items are available. Be sure to check out the store’s website for more info before going in with your book list.

The Demon Bookstore, located at 1002 University Parkway. Is another off-campus place for textbooks. The Demon Bookstore is independently owned and operated, meaning you are more likely to find better deals on textbooks when you shop here. The Demon Bookstore sells, rents, and buys back textbooks for students in most classes at Northwestern State University. You can also purchase plenty of Demons gear at this location as the store’s name suggests. Check them out on Facebook for more info (just click the link at the beginning of this paragraph), or call 318-354-1011.