The Citadel (Photo by Ed Siasoco)

The Citadel is a state-sponsored military institution of higher education located in Charleston, South Carolina. This public school was founded in 1842. It has a current student enrollment of about 3,500 students. Located on an urban campus, the school’s athletic squads are called the Bulldogs. Blue and white are the school colors. Students who attend The Citadel can choose from the following options when buying their textbooks and other academic materials for their upcoming classes:

The official campus bookstore at The Citadel is simply called The Citadel Bookstore. Located in the heart of campus at 171 Moultne Street, this store is fully stocked with all of the materials that students need to be successful in their courses. Open seven days a week, there are lots of options for students on how to acquire their textbooks here. Brand new books are available. Used books for savings of up to 25% off are available. Textbooks for rent for a savings of up to 50% are available, and there is a wide selection of digital e-textbooks as well, which can save you up to 60% off the regular price of certain books. Discounted technology items are for sale here, and the inventory includes HP computers and peripherals. There are also plenty of Bulldogs items for students to show support for their school’s teams. In addition, you will find lots of school supplies and graduation items on the shelves here.

Textbook Brokers has a store in Charleston and is an excellent off-campus option for textbooks. You can save lots of money on textbooks when you shop here. Located in North Charleston at 6975 Rivers Avenue, you can buy, rent, or sell textbooks. Not only can you save by purchasing used and rental books here, but also you will get a lot of cash for all of your used books and materials. The friendly staff reps here are fully aware of what college students can afford since many were in or are currently in school and needed books for themselves. That’s why you should check this store out. You can preorder your materials as well to make sure you get them when you need them. Plus most items are available for purchase online.

Another store to consider shopping at is University Bookstore of Charleston. It’s not too far from The Citadel campus at 360 King Street. It also serves students who attend the College of Charleston but it also offers a wide array of reasonably priced textbooks used at other colleges in the Charleston area and nearby cities. The store offers all kinds of discounted books, specials, and lots of college gear, supplies, and apparel. Textbook rentals are available, too. When you shop here, you are guaranteed to walk out of the store a happy camper because of how much you can save and how helpful the staff reps are. Check out the great low prices on used books for huge savings, and you can sell back your used books to the store to reclaim some of the cash you spent on them originally.