Alabama A&M University is an historically black institution of higher education located in Normal, Alabama. Also known as AAMU, the school first opened its doors to students in 1875. Alabama A&M currently has a student population of about 5,500 with the majority of students taking class toward earning a bachelor’s degree. The school’s athletic teams are known as the Bulldogs, and they compete in the Southwestern Athletic Conference. The school is located on a suburban campus. When it comes to getting their textbooks, Alabama A&M students have the following options on where to get their books before the start of each semester:

Alabama A&M is located just outside of Huntsville (Photo by Richard Bitting)

The Alabama A&M University Bookstore at 4900 Meridian Street is the official on-campus bookstore serving Alabama A&M University students and faculty alike. This bookstore is fully stocked with all of the items students need to succeed. The inventory includes both required and recommended course materials that appear on the book lists for students’ classes. When you shop here, you are guaranteed to be getting the correct materials you need. The store offers new textbooks, sued textbooks, rental textbooks, and e-textbooks. All books, for the most part, can be ordered online via the store’s website if you aren’t able to make it in to the store before the semester begins. The Alabama A&M University Bookstore sells other merchandise such as discounted computer software and hardware, graduation supplies if you are getting you diploma in the near future, Bulldogs team apparel, and school supplies. It’s totally worth checking out the tech items here, especially if you need a new laptop. There are great educational discounts on these items. Be sure to sign up for the store’s online e-mail newsletter to receive even more special offers and discount information.

Infinity College Textbooks is a cool independent textbook operation located in nearby Huntsville, Alabama. The address for this store is 4003 Holmes Avenue Northwest. This particular bookstore specializes in buying textbooks from students for great buyback rates. Clean out your closet and get some extra spending cash by selling your books to Infinity College Textbooks. You can either sell your books at the actual store or you can do it online. For online access, simply enter your book’s information, and you’ll then be able to see how much the store is willing to pay for it. Send the book to the store for free, and you’ll receive either a check in the mail or a PayPal payment for your textbook. Plus you can shop for books at the store. It’s a great concept, so check it out!

Off Campus College Bookstore is another company you should definitely check out. With three locations in the Huntsville area, the stores are only a short drive from the Alabama A&M University campus. Off Campus College Bookstore offers top-notch service and great low prices on college textbooks. You can pick up plenty of reasonably priced school supplies at these stores as well. It’s always a good idea to support local retailers, and this company has served the area for years and truly deserves your business. Check the store’s website by clicking the link at the beginning of this paragraph for location information.