Frost’s “The Road Less Taken”

Poetry is a form of writing that most students read and learn how to do themselves in school. From the short haiku to the more complex sonnet, there is a lot of thought that goes into writing poems of any length. In terms of American poets, there is one who stands out from the rest of the pack.

Robert Frost ranks among the top poets in American literature. Frost, who lived a long and productive life from 1874 to 1963, is known primarily for his depictions of rural American life and the colloquial nature that we all know love about these kinds of settings. Despite the fact that much of his work is based on rural life, Frost was actually born in the city of San Francisco, California. His father was a journalist named William Prescott Frost, Jr. Frost’s first poem, which he published in 1894, was called “My Butterfly, An Elegy.” It was published in the New York Independent in November of that year.

Frost’s more popular poems came to fruition after he moved to a farm with his wife, Elinor, in the early 1900s. The farm was located in Derry, New Hampshire. Frost would write early in the morning and then work on the farm later in the day. From the fields to the cows to the crops, this farm lifestyle gave him the inspiration for what would become classic American poetry. His writing style is often described as very vivid as he painted clear imagery of scenic images that he actually experienced seeing in his own life. He is also credited with having the ability to write about ordinary people like hardworking farmers, which he was himself for a while.

Some of Frost’s works include:

Acquainted with the Night

An Old Man’s Winter Night

Come In

The Death of the Hired Man

A Line-Storm Song

A Soldier

Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening

War Thoughts At Home

What Fifty Said

As many of the titles of these poems suggest, Frost frequently penned his poems about weather, particularly winter weather since he lived in the northeast and experienced large amounts of snowfall on the farm. That is why these poems tend to be more fitting when read during the wintertime.

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