When a student starts a new semester of college, he or she usually gets a list of textbooks that are either required or recommended for the upcoming semester. This list could be lengthy and should be kept organized.

A book list (Photo See-ming Lee)

A book list usually contains the names of the textbooks students need for their classes. It also may contain the author, ISBN, and possibly the price if it is generated by the on-campus bookstore. Keep in mind that these prices are probably what the campus bookstore charges for the books.But don’t let these prices fool you. If you take your book list to other textbook outlets in your area or search for your books online, there is a good chance you will find lower prices on at least some of them.

Another reason to keep your book list in order and pay close attention to it is because it will likely include both required and recommended materials for each of your classes. In general, it is a wise idea to go ahead and get all of these materials – including the required ones. You will be much more prepared and may have an easier time passing your classes if you are armed with all of the items your professors feel you should have. Some students gloss over the recommended books, but oftentimes these books are much cheaper than the required materials you’re supposed to have. They will help you better understand your primary textbooks by serving as a supplement with more information to aid you in your quest to make an A.

Finally, using a book list is essential to knowing which books you need for each class you are registered to take. For example, if you are a chemistry major, you’ll probably have to take a number of chemistry and science-related classes. This means you will have to get textbooks on similar subjects. But you will need to make sure you have the correct books in your backpack for the corresponding classes. Coming to class with the wrong books is no fun. Organize your pile of textbooks by using your book list. Check off the books for each class and put them together so you know what belongs where.

You can use Textbooks.org to find all the books you need and to keep track of which ones you order. Simply enter the title or ISBN of each textbook on your list, and a list of options will appear on where you can purchase or rent each book you need.