As any college student knows, purchasing textbooks can break one’s bank. Students taking a full load of classes can spend hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars on brand new textbooks. There’s got to be a better solution, right? Well, now there is thanks to’s Textbook Store. Students can choose from a variety of options to get their textbooks. Those who still want that brand new book can get them for up to 30% off the retail price, while those who don’t mind getting used books can save as much as 90%! That’s almost like getting the book free.

For those who don’t want to go to the trouble of buying books, Amazon allows students to rent books for a semester much like someone would lease a car or rent an apartment. Those who choose to be renters can save up to 70% off the retail price. A new option that’s gaining in popularity is the E-Textbook option. Rather than carrying a heavy backpack full of books around campus, students can either buy or rent virtual textbooks from Amazon. Those students who buy save 60% off retail, while renters of e-textbooks save up to 80%. The textbooks can be downloaded and read on Kindle Fire, the Kindle app for iPads, PC’s, Mac’s or Android tablets.

Students who enroll in the Amazon Student program are eligible for many great deals and discounts. For those people who love gift cards, Amazon Student is the place to go. Students who sell their textbooks back to Amazon can get gift cards valued up to 70% of the price of the books. For cash-starved college students, gift cards are like free money.

The textbook rental program is also loaded with freebies. Once students find the books they need, they get free two-day shipping if they are Amazon Student members. They keep the books for the semester, then send them back to Amazon for free when finished with them. All Amazon asks is for the book to be returned in acceptable condition. By this they mean limited highlighting and writing inside the book along with no missing or torn pages, no water damage or missing cover. Small price to pay to be careful with a book in order to get these deals.

amazon student

Another great benefit of the Amazon Student program is it pays people to refer their friends. For every friend that’s referred to and joins Amazon Student the member will be paid $5. That can add up quickly if one goes through the dorm one evening singing the praises of Amazon Student. Those referrals could lead to one heck of a party that weekend!

By taking advantage of these programs at, students can sit back and quit worrying about the high cost of textbooks. By purchasing or renting books, students can spend less on books and more on the important things in life such as skinny jeans, pizzas with the works and that sports car that’s been calling your name. And isn’t that what life’s all about?