Well, when it comes time for college students to head back to class some of the biggest expenses come from purchasing textbooks. Fortunately, the folks at Amazon.com have come to the rescue for many student’s budgets with various discounts and other offers that will help them save money for the Fall 2013 semester.

Students usually have four main options on Amazon for textbooks. They can be bought as brand new, as used, they can be rented or can be purchased as an eTextbook. All of these options can help save students anywhere from 40%-90% off retail prices, which can add up to lots of pizza over the course of a semester. Some students still want new textbooks each semester, and for them Amazon offers a 40% discount off suggested retail prices. Those who want used books can get huge savings, often up to 90% off retail prices. At those prices, that’s almost like getting your books for free! Since most used books have lots of highlighted material inside them, some places charge extra because of that. Amazon does not, instead choosing to let students save as much money as possible.

Renting textbooks has become a popular option in recent years, and those who do this through Amazon save up to 70% off retail prices. Students simply rent the book for a semester, then send it back to Amazon when the semester’s done. Free return shipping is included, making it an even more attractive option. However, the option that appears to be catching on with today’s students is purchasing eTextbooks. With savings of up to 80% off retail prices, this option has the advantage of lower prices and not having to carry a backpack full of books around campus all day long. Using a Kindle, students can take advantage of rental plans for these books from 30-360 days, keeping the books for as long as they are needed. Students who download the free Kindle reading app can access their textbooks on their iPad, Android tablet or PC, making learning on the go that much easier. For those students wanting to give it a try, free samples are available and all the eTextbooks come with a 7-day return policy.

In addition to saving money on their purchases, students can also make money off their textbooks. Those students who sell their books back to Amazon can receive up to 70% of the retail price back, whether they were purchased through Amazon or another company. The payment is made in the form of Amazon gift cards, allowing students to use them to purchase any number of items. Students can also receive $10 for each friend they refer who joins the Amazon Student program, also paid in the form of gift cards.

Saving this much money on books may actually have students looking forward to the start of a new semester, rather than dreading the thought of textbook purchases busting their budgets. With Amazon’s many purchase plans, most student’s budgets will be spared this semester.