In my last post, I talked about roughly more than half of the book Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, which you can search for through The book follows two men who journey looking for work. For a recap on what happened, click this link.

An entry for a book cover contest, featuring Lennie holding a mouse on the front. (photo by 50 Watts)

An entry for a book cover contest, featuring Lennie holding a mouse on the front. (photo by 50 Watts)

In continuation of the book summary, here’s where I left off:

It is here that the story truly unravels; Lennie gets himself in trouble again during this time. It is very reminiscent of the first time, where he was accused of rape, when he merely wanted to feel a woman’s dress.

Many of the men in the story go out to the brothel, leaving Lennie, Candy, and the stable-hand all alone. Curley’s wife flirts with them and refuses to leave until the men return from the brothel. Curley’s wife notices the cuts on Lennie’s face and suspects that it is him who hurt her husband, which amuses her. The men return and seemingly, nothing happens.

The next day Lennie accidentally kills his puppy in the barn. Curley’s wife attempts to console him. She confides in him that she is unhappy with her life. She also confides that she wishes that she had pursued her dream of being a movie star. He confides to her that he just loves to touch soft things. He didn’t mean to kill the puppy. She states that her hair is soft, and then she allows him to touch her hair. He pulls too tightly, and she yells out. In effort to silence her, Lennie accidentally breaks her neck.

Lennie flees to the hiding place that they had designated – as a lynch mob forms. Once the rest of the people on the farm find out that Curley’s wife was murdered, George attempts to reach Lennie before anyone else can. He does, and they talk for a moment. He tells Lennie of their dream to go to the farm, where Lennie will be able to take care of all of the rabbits.

It is a shock to Lennie that George is not upset for him doing “a bad thing.”

Lennie is not facing George at this moment, and as he continues to tell him of their dream story, he hears the lynch mob growing closer. He understands what he must do – of course, out of mercy. With that being said, George pulls out a gun and shoots Lennie in the back of the head.

When the lynch mob arrives, George says that Lennie had the gun and that he wrestled it away from him in self-defense. Slim knows what really went on, but convinces the other men to walk away – although they are very confused as to what just happened.

The book ends with the lynch mob watching them leave.

Such a great book. A mere summary can not showcase all that it has to offer. Pick one up at your local library or bookstore. Bonus points if you use it in an essay for school!