Depending on your own personal preference, either an electronic version of a textbook or the actual textbook itself will fit your needs better. As technology expands and we grow in the field, the more choices we have. Both of the options have pros and cons that you should consider before buying any textbook. Whether that be through or not, the pros and cons remain the same. This article will help guide you through the process based on your needs and wants.

Will E-Textbooks take over traditional textbooks? (photo by samsungtomorrow)

Will E-Textbooks take over traditional textbooks? (photo by samsungtomorrow)

I don’t know about you, but if there’s anything that makes me want to get to work, it’s physically having the textbook with me at all times. Now, for some, who – for example, spend their days on campus and don’t have enough time in between classes to go to your cars to retrieve said textbook, it may be easier to have all of your textbooks on a tablet or laptop that you can lug around instead. But for me – majority of my books are snug in my car’s trunk. I take one class a day, so it’s easy for me to travel with them this way. That way they’re always with me – whether I’m at a friend’s house or at my own.

Traditional books don’t just take up space in your backpack; they’ll take space on your bookshelf too (or in my case, the trunk of my car!) I understand that keeping them in my trunk is not exactly the safest bet and in future semesters, it may not work for me – but I say that to say that if you choose to have e-textbooks instead of traditional ones, you’ll have a back up and have saved storage space.

How tired your eyes will get from one to the other will vary on the person. If your eyes are more sensitive to light and other things, it may be hard for you to stare at a computer screen for an hour or two. The only plus side to reading an e-textbook when your eyes are tired is that you can change the font size. As for reading from a textbook, you can’t change the font size – but your eyes will be less tired from reading a book than staring at a source of light.

If you’re looking to gain back a lot of your money from selling back your textbooks, you can say goodbye to that thought if you only have e-textbooks. E-Textbooks unfortunately have no retail value; and chances are, you rented your textbooks anyway since it’s substantially cheaper than buying a e-textbook new.

Another good thing about traditional textbooks is that you, to put it simply, don’t have to worry about your book dying. Your tablet, laptop, or even mobile device’s battery will all drain faster than you’ll probably be able to finish the assignment anyway. Textbooks don’t need to be charged for you to use it.

So decide for yourself if e-textbooks or traditional books are better for you – but keep these things in mind. All things have pros and cons, and it seems that whatever traditional textbooks lack, e-textbooks has, and vice versa.