We’ve just started 2014, which means that it’s time for everyone to say that they’re going to reinvent themselves – and then a few weeks later, forget about their resolutions. Me, personally – I won’t dive into any of that mumbo jumbo. But I do find the winter months – including the new year – to be a great time to reinvent hobbies. To get into new things. To DIY like crazy. If you don’t know what DIY is, it means “Do-It-Yourself.” And with all of that being said, here are the so called “best DIY books.”

The crafter's motto. (photo by gildas_f)

The crafter’s motto. (photo by gildas_f)

#1. Printing by Hand by Lena Corwin

For all of you who want to dive into the world of printmaking (as I slowly raise my hand) – this book is something you’re going to want to have on your shelf. Not only do the writers at Paper & Stitch say so, but also that it’s easy for even teenagers to grasp. Also, this book gets those kids excited, which means that I know I will be.

#2. World of Geekcraft by Susan Beal

So this book isn’t necessarily for everyone… but it is for the crafters with a nerdy lil’ heart. There’s twenty-five projects total in this book – featuring Wii holsters and Super Mario cross stitches. Definitely something on my list to at least look at while I sit awkwardly in the middle of a bookstore.

#3 & 4. How to Sew a Button and How to Build a Fire – both by Erin Bried.

I’m including both of these under the same category because the author is the same, but also because the books seem to be something that I’d want in a pair (not without each other.)

These books are dedicated to all of the basic information that Generation Y may have skipped out on. In many ways, these books remind me of books I already own, like…

#5. Stuff Every Woman Should Know by Alanna Kalb

I can’t tell you how nice it is to know what to do when I need to replace a tire, or change my oil. Also: the book gives you neat little tricks like how to get certain stains out of certain fabrics. Awesome. Although you’re not necessarily creating anything through the books mentioned in 3, 4, and 5, you’re still gaining knowledge on something practical, to make your life better under the circumstances present – which is more than enough for me to want to constitute these books under the DIY genre.

#6. DIY or Die by Reese Lansangan

Wow. I just found out about this book tonight, simply because I was curious if there was a book title inspired by my favorite quote, “DIY or DIE.” I’d like to think I’m brutal most days. In any event, the book challenges inspiration and creativity out of you by engaging you, with the intention of making you act. It served as Lansangan’s senior thesis for Ateneo de Manila University. Kudos to you, Lansangan.

You can search any of these titles by book name, ISBN number, or author name, via textbooks.org.