Textbooks are ridiculously expensive and everyone – from your professors to your distant cousins – knows it. I mean, think about it – you’re paying two hundred dollars (sometimes) for a book that you’re going to want to get rid of at the end of the semester (which runs roughly three to four months of the year!) You can spend hours filtering through different websites, like Chegg and Amazon, trying to find either the best price to sell or best price to buy the textbooks you need for a certain course. The easiest way to compare prices? The site you happen to already be on.

This won't cover a fraction of the textbooks you'll need. (photo by bfishadow)

This won’t cover a fraction of the textbooks you’ll need. (photo by bfishadow)

Search for your textbook, via book name, author, or the better option: the ISBN.

The ISBN is essentially, as Abe Books describes:

“…A 10- or 13-digit number used for identification. An ISBN is unique to every book, so it is the best way to find the exact edition of the book you’re looking for.”

Abe Books then goes on to tell you where you can find the ISBN code:

“The ISBN is always found on the back cover, near the bar code. It will also be listed inside the book, on the same page as the copyright and publisher information. It is always labeled ISBN (e.g. ISBN 0-00-470779-6).”

So essentially, the best way to search for a textbook is through it’s ISBN – what we can refer to as a book’s social security number.

Once you find the textbook you’re looking for, you can decide from there if it is worth the price or if you want to look elsewhere.

Let’s face it. It’s brutal enough having to sit through orientation, class, or any of the stuff that comes with college. The last thing you want to do is spend your free time wondering if you’re going to be able to buy the textbooks you need at a reasonable price. Luckily, textbooks.org is a (as quoted from our home page):

“Our website Textbooks.org is a one-stop shopping experience for college textbooks. No longer do students have to spend hours checking book prices at dozens of sites and comparing prices with shipping. Our site presents all of the prices on one page and makes it easy to identify the best textbook solutions for your courses.”