You should see my bookshelf. It’s all those years of being a childhood bookworm and growing in my preteens from being strictly into manga and young adult novels, to now – where I’m into literature and books that teach, like The Power of Habit, a business and psychology book, that you can search for via Now, it’s not like it’s anything special; but I organize my books in a way I have yet to see others do. Of course, the things I have seen, via Pinterest and other awesome blogs, are pretty crazy and out there. But it had me thinking, what way to organize your books will best fit your needs?

It's always fun to reorganize your books! (photo by shino 誌野)

It’s always fun to reorganize your books! (photo by shino 誌野)

It seems a little foreign but the way I do it is both by importance and by aesthetic. For example, my bookshelf is actually a black, twelve-slot cubicle thing. I’m not exactly sure how to explain it, but it’s not meant to be a bookshelf. Now, what I mean by importance is that prominence is key – meaning, on top of the twelve-slot cubicle thing is all of the textbooks I need for this semester (that is, if they’re not in my car trunk!) This is for ease of access.

The rest of the books are actually in the cubicle slots themselves; organized by color. The same way that my closet is organized by color, so are the books. They vary in shade, but for the most part, it looks pretty good. I do this for the aesthetic value, since I don’t have something cool to organize my books by, like…

#1. In a built in wall library

Some places have the luxurious aspect of having cool things already in the walls, like desks and on occasion, bookshelves. Although some people may find it annoying that you can’t exactly move those things around – other times it works just lovely and only adds to the perfection of the room.

#2. In a special design

Because my twelve cubicle shelf is very small in regards to where the cubicles start and begin, I’m limited on what I can do to organize the books. Other people have done crazy intricate designs like the American flag. Very cool, but also very specific – I’d be upset if I had just two more blue books to fit in but I couldn’t!

#3. Through various different shapes nailed onto your wall.

Whether it be a tree, an infinity symbol, or something crazy like second and a half dimension shelves, the possibilities are endless for the creative and the DIYers out there!

No matter what you do, try to be creative! Your books deserve just as much love and attention as you would give your clothes, your bed, or even your bathroom. Take care of them and they will take care of your reading needs!