Normally I post and quote one sole author, but this time I’m quoting you – the readers, the people. Maybe not specifically of, but of Terribleminds, who posed the question, “What Gets You To Read A Book?”

It could be the tranquil atmosphere. (photo by Moyan_Brenn)

It could be the tranquil atmosphere. (photo by Moyan_Brenn)

From cajetaneGaetane:

“Good title, good story, good writing. In a bookstore (real or online), I search genres I’m interested in, going to old favourites first. Then I look for interesting titles, good cover art. I read the synopsis, I scan the first few pages – if the plot is good and the writing makes the grade, I buy it. I’ve done a lot of reading, so I am MUCH pickier these days. I don’t bother even borrowing books that don’t grab me straight away. I don’t follow fashion – I read the first page of 50 Shades of Grey and couldn’t stomach anymore, not even for the promise of sexytimes. I have a couple of bookstores that I like and I get their newsletters, plus I have a Kindle so Amazon sends me reccomendations irritatingly often. Sometimes they get it right.

I find it annoying not to have access to all versions in all countries – I travel, I live in a non-English speaking country (and I prefer to read my fiction in English)so I rely on my Kindle a lot. Often it’s just not practical to get a hard copy, but often an awesome new book is only available in hard copy, or in e-copy but not in the country I am in. I don’t bother going back later because I don’t have time to waste keeping track of when all the different versions become available. So that is a LOST SALE. I’d say roughly half a dozen books in the last couple of months, NOT PAID FOR by me, the reader, ‘cos it was too damn hard to get them.”

From Fatma Alici:

“1. Known authors, but not author recommendations, because some the authors I love to read don’t recommend books I would like.

2. Interesting back cover, or usual title of a book.

3. People I’ve met, or heard of it before, but haven’t read.

4. If I can I like to read a page or two in different area of the book to see if it I like the writing.”

From Andrew Jack:

“1. Covers. It’s a terrible thing, but usually if I’ve picked up a book or clicked on a link to look further into a book it’s because the cover is awesome, or at least intriguing.

2. Blogs of goodness

I find a lot of new writers through their blogs. If I really enjoy a blog, then I’ll want to support the creator as well as just plain wanting to read their stuff.

3. Word of mouth

Sometimes people speak to me with their faces. If those faces recommend books, I will try and read them.”

Who says it’s not cool to judge a book by it’s cover? The eye covets what it wants to covet! What gets you to read a book? Comment below!