I personally think there is too much technology out there! We’re going to suffocate ourselves under wires and artificial intelligences one of these days. We need to slow down, turn off our phones and our computers, and just relax. I know, that sounds funny considering I’m a writer for a website. But still, technology changes everything – including how we read.

I don't think this will ever get old though. (photo by NatalieMaynor)

I don’t think this will ever get old though. (photo by NatalieMaynor)

One of the biggest complaints is that you “ruin a book” by folding down one of the edges to keep a bookmark when you’re on your travels and don’t have one.

Lifeboat News says that you don’t have to do that anymore, because, as quoted from this article:

“…So when I’m reading, the Kindle Fire allows me to simply tap the top right corner and instantly bookmarks the page I’m reading. No “dog ears,” no unnecessary pieces of paper needing to be bought to be used as one. If I’m curious as to how long the chapter I’m reading will take, I simply tap the bottom left corner and it not only gives me the # of minutes left in reading the chapter, but the number of hours it’ll take for me to read the entire book. It detects my reading pattern via its sensors and calculates an estimation of how long each page is read, each chapter, the entire book. I also quite enjoy the fact that it provides a % of how much the book I’ve read so far.

This changes a lot for me as a reader. And really, while I’ve labeled them as slight annoyances, thinking back, I’m not sure how I could’ve tolerated such things. Then again, my love for reading always dominated my desire for perfection. But before the Kindle, there were still such a thing as digital books, which were formatted as PDFs (Portable Document Format). I’ve got a LOT of PDFs on my laptop! But then PDFs are incapable of creating bookmarks, and they weren’t exactly mobile-oriented like a normal hardback/paperback book was. That was an even greater nuisance to reading than normal books provided.

Kindle, however, destroyed those annoyances. Completely. It’s really easy to carry around. It doesn’t take up much space at all. It carries thousands of books, and much more when accessing its cloud server. Its battery life is top notch. It detects and learns your reading pattern. It connects to your online accounts. It integrates itself into your life in mere minutes!

When it comes to a reader, it changes everything. And that is revolutionary!”

That’s not the only way technology will change reading; we will also be able to read for less amounts of time because our eyes will be tired from the LED screens. There is a considerable difference in how we will spend as well; it will be considerably cheaper to read via technology. We won’t be able to read outside that well – considering light will reflect off of our E-Readers and Tablets. There are some pros and cons to everything – including reading from a book and reading from an e-reader.