This is a government run program, designed to help students in fighting obesity as well as maintaining linguistic growth over the Summer. I remember being a child – you forget nearly everything over the course of the Summer as you’re young. states that:

Reading makes the mind sharp. (photo by Moyan_Brenn)

Reading makes the mind sharp. (photo by Moyan_Brenn)

“Our nation’s youth need guidance to help build fit bodies and strong minds. Working together, Americans can foster a generation that is less prone to disease, has higher academic achievers, and is more educated about food and its effects on health. These factors can have lasting effects on a child’s overall development and future.

In this spirit, the Corporation for National and Community Service has again implemented the summer United We Serve: Let’s Read. Let’s Move. initiative. By encouraging Americans to serve, the Corporation is addressing summer reading loss and childhood obesity by engaging youth in summer reading and physical activity, as well as providing information about healthy, affordable food.”

There are many ways you can get involved to help the youth of tomorrow, and as suggests, they are:


Organize a book drive.
Register your organization with First Book to obtain books for children in need.
Read books with kids.
Parent of a military child? Learn about ways to make reading a fun, family activity
Encourage a child to sign up for the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (PALA) challenge.
Build or rehabilitate a playground.
Tribal leaders and community members: Find helpful resources by Let’s Move! in Indian Country
Help kids locate summer feeding sites.
Create a community garden.
Collect excess fresh, healthy foods to provide to kids in need.

Activate your networks and spread the word that:

kids need 60 minutes of play a day to be healthy.
hunger doesn’t take a break for the summer: 19 million children receive free or reduced price meals during the school year, but only 2.3 million receive summer meals.
reading five books during the summer prevents learning loss.”

And although this is a Summer program, you can still help in many ways in many other categories. You can be a volunteer tutor to help strengthen reading in a classroom, or even serve in the military. is not just about Let’s Read Let’s Move. That’s only a small part of it. The idea is that we all can help each other and make an impact – change the world – starting with us.

I didn’t read this on the website, but one good idea that I have to help literacy is to search for and buy textbooks via to donate to schools. It doesn’t even have to be textbooks though – it can be anything you want!

So let’s read, let’s move, let’s do something!