Amazon Textbook Discounts for Fall 2013

by on August 18, 2013

Well, when it comes time for college students to head back to class some of the biggest expenses come from purchasing textbooks. Fortunately, the folks at have come to the rescue for many student’s budgets with various discounts and other offers that will help them save money for the Fall 2013 semester. Students usually […]

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Amazon Textbook Coupons 2013

by on February 10, 2013

As any college student knows, purchasing textbooks can break one’s bank. Students taking a full load of classes can spend hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars on brand new textbooks. There’s got to be a better solution, right? Well, now there is thanks to’s Textbook Store. Students can choose from a variety of options to […]

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Your IBM Certification Exam Rules Primer

by on October 16, 2012

As an IT professional, there is no doubt that you take your responsibility seriously. IBM upholds this same standard of integrity and fairness in their certification tracks and exam practices. In order to ensure that these characteristics are uniform across settings world-wide, IBM has certain test policies that are expected to be agreed upon by […]

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UConn Bookstore – Storrs Textbooks

by on January 23, 2012

The UConn Co-op is among one of the largest bookstores, located on the University of Connecticut campus. They also have book stores located at other campuses throughout Connecticut. These bookstores are located in Avery Point, Stamford, Torrington, Waterbury, as well as in West Hartford, Connecticut. Also available at these five other campus locations are the […]

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Recent Comments about

by on January 4, 2012

Occasionally we get messages from visitors to Here are a few recent notes we’ve received. Feel free to contact us with questions, comments, requests, or anything! We’ll try to help you find the textbooks you need as fast as possible for the best prices online. “I’ll make sure that my students know about it, […]

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Louisville Bookstore – Louisville Textbooks

by on January 2, 2012

There are numerous local textbook stores that serve the University of Louisville. An important necessity when going to college is to have the textbooks needed for your classes. The University of Louisville Official Campus Bookstore is a store that you can get your textbooks at. When you are looking for the textbooks for your classes, […]

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