Used textbooks… why pay for new college books when used textbooks work just as well?

campbell biology 9th edition - used textbooksSave With Used Textbooks

For example, Campbell Biology 9th Edition (ISBN 9780321558237) retails new for $202.67. As of 12/16/2011, you could find this book used for just $99.99 shipped to your door from Half/eBay. On the left is a screenshot from our search tool showing the best prices for this textbook.

New editions of textbooks typically come out every few years. This means that students should be able to find used textbooks for the majority of their classes. Local campus bookstores usually have a number of used copies on hand, but they run out quickly. The internet is your best friend when shopping for used college textbooks.

Just surf on over to, type in your book’s name or ISBN, and instantly find the best used book prices online from over 30 leading textbook merchants. You could save anywhere up to 95% depending on what specific book you need. It takes just seconds to save money with used textbooks.

One commonly asked question is: will used textbooks work just as well as new textbooks? The answer to this is yes for almost every book. There are a select few textbooks out there that have special one-time online access codes or disposable workbooks. Check with your professor if you have concerns about one-time use access codes.

Advantages of Used Textbooks

  • Used textbooks are cheaper
  • Used books work just as well as new ones
  • Used textbooks are typically in great condition
  • There’s no good reason not to buy used!