Rent textbooks and return them when you’re done. Don’t get stuck with outdated, useless textbooks at the end of the semester. Buying new textbooks should be a thing of the past with all of the current options to rent textbooks. Many new textbooks cost upwards of $100, but textbook rental companies offer books for just a fraction of new retail prices.

rent textbooksHow to Rent Textbooks

Go online to and search for your required books. You’ll get rental prices from top textbook renting companies so you can compare prices and choose the cheapest option. compares rental prices from Barnes & Noble, Valore Books Marketplace, Textbooks R Us, Campus Book Rentals, RentText, BookRenter, TextbookStop, CBR, Chegg, KnetBooks, eCampus, and more great bookstores.

Tips for when you rent textbooks

Make sure to keep the books you rent in good condition. Many textbook rental companies allow students to make minor notes and highlighting in the books. However, not all do, so make sure to read the fine print of the textbook rental agreements. Don’t forget to return your rental textbooks back to the bookstore on-time. Almost all rental bookstores charge late fees if you miss the return deadlines when you rent textbooks. If you never return a textbook, you’ll probably have to pay the full retail price for it.

Example of $$$ Savings from Renting Textbooks

Campbell Biology is a classic textbook used by biology professors across the country. This textbook is continually a best-seller and has been updated many times. The most current edition as of March 2012 is the 9th Edition. Our site shows that the book could be rented for prices ranging from $32.76 to $74.91, but its new retail price is as high as $206.66 at one bookstore. Renting these cheap textbooks would be a savings of approximately 85%!